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Who is MY cat would EAT that?

Hi, I'm Christine and I'm the human behind My cat would eat that. My kitty Louise eats cactuses, spiders, pencils, hair ties, string lights, yarn, plants, socks- you name it. And I love her all the more for it. The name is dedicated to our love of pets and kids and all things that "complicate" life, but make it so much more fun.

I've been drawing and painting and "creating paper" since I was little. I wanted to get my hands on any and all things crafty. In high school, I started trying to duplicate photos of my friends on paper with graphite. I found I had a real talent in capturing a person's expression and specific personality in my drawings. I majored in Costume Design in college, and it was there that I found my love for wigmaking. I then discovered the art of hairdressing, and opened a hair salon in Chicago in 2012. Penny Lane is still a thriving salon and wig studio that I co-own. In 2016 I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I created my first signature portrait of my good friend's dog, Bruce. It was a big hit and I started painting the panels for all of my friends. I am so happy to now expand my skills to friends and strangers alike!

Though I specialize in animal portraits, I can paint just about anyone/ anything for you. Memorial paintings are my favorite- giving the gift of a beautiful memory is so rewarding. Please message me in the contact page if you have any questions at all!

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